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Celebrating Success: Our Journey to Winning the 'Best Sustainable Award' at Magic Las Vegas Fashion Trade Show 2022

Celebrating Success: Our Journey to Winning the 'Best Sustainable Award' at Magic Las Vegas Fashion Trade Show 2022

At Sunies, we are thrilled to announce that we have been honored with the prestigious 'Best Sustainable Award' at the Magic Las Vegas Fashion Trade Show in 2022. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability and our tireless efforts to create eco-friendly, vegan, and recyclable sandals. Join us as we take you through our remarkable journey towards winning this esteemed award and highlight the sustainable practices that set us apart.

Winning Magic Las Vegas ‘Best Sustainable Award’ for being sustainable footwear brand

Pioneering Sustainability in the Sandal Industry

Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond mere lip service. We have taken bold steps to integrate eco-conscious practices into every aspect of our brand. From sourcing materials to production and packaging, sustainability is at the heart of our operations.

Mindful Material Selection

Our commitment to creating truly eco-friendly sandals has been a journey that took us three years to develop. We meticulously select materials that have a minimal environmental impact, ensuring that every step we take is towards sustainability.

Our sandals are crafted from bamboo fibers, a remarkable material known for its lightweight, durable, and breathable qualities. Bamboo is not only versatile but also highly sustainable. It grows rapidly, requiring little water and no pesticides to flourish. By utilizing bamboo in our sandals, we harness the benefits of this renewable resource while minimizing our ecological footprint.

In addition to bamboo, we incorporate other natural materials that further enhance the sustainability of our products. Coconut fibers and oil, sugar cane fibers, and salt are used in 77% of our sandals, making them primarily composed of eco-friendly components. The remaining 23% of our sandals consist of recyclable vinyl flex, ensuring that even our synthetic materials are responsibly sourced and designed with recyclability in mind.

By consciously opting for these eco-friendly materials, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet. Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond mere talk; it is ingrained in every aspect of our production process. From material selection to manufacturing, we prioritize choices that align with our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Ethical Manufacturing Processes

Sustainability isn't just about materials; it's also about the way our sandals are made. We partner with ethical manufacturers who adhere to fair labor practices and provide safe working conditions. By fostering responsible manufacturing processes, we aim to create a positive social impact while crafting high-quality sandals.

Packaging with Purpose

Recognizing the harmful effects of excessive packaging, we have implemented innovative solutions to reduce waste. Our packaging is thoughtfully designed using recycled and biodegradable materials, ensuring that every step of our product's lifecycle aligns with our commitment to sustainability.

Sunies Recycling Program

At Sunies, we prioritize the lifecycle of our sandals and are committed to reducing waste. Introducing the Sunies Recycling Program, we offer our customers an opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future.

Through this program, customers can conveniently return their damaged Sunies to us. As a token of appreciation, we provide an exclusive discount on their next purchase, making it a win-win situation.

Once we receive the returned sandals, we take responsibility for their proper disposal. Our dedicated team transports them back to our factory, where we initiate the process of granulation and reassembly. By giving the old Sunies a new life, we actively participate in waste reduction efforts.

Sunies recycling program

This recycling initiative aligns with our vision of minimizing environmental impact and promoting a circular economy. We strive to ensure that every pair of Sunies contributes to a sustainable and responsible future.

Join us in making a positive difference by participating in the Sunies Recycling Program. Together, we can extend the lifespan of our products and contribute to a cleaner and greener world. Let's create a more sustainable future, one step at a time.

Impact and Recognition

The 'Best Sustainable Award' at the Magic Las Vegas Fashion Trade Show is a significant milestone for us. It not only validates our commitment to sustainability but also encourages us to push the boundaries further. This recognition has inspired us to continue innovating and spreading awareness about the importance of conscious consumption.

As we celebrate this achievement, we remain dedicated to forging ahead, leading the way to a more sustainable and conscious future in the fashion industry. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to make a positive impact!

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